NOVELA TITULADA "MIS TRES HIJAS EN COMBATE CONTRA EL DRAGÓN ESCARLATA" ISBN: 978 – 980 –18– 0327– 0, (SIN MIEDO AL DESTINO).                                 jesuslemus47@gmail.com   AUTOR:  JESÚS  RAFAEL  LEMUS  ROJAS CORREO:  Jesús Lemus<jesuslemus47@gmail.com> http://jesusrafaellemusrojasfichacurricular.blogspot.com/ Below are some compositions that serve as illustrations for the novel titled "My Three Daughters in Combat against the Scarlet Dragon" ISBN: 978 - 980 –18– 0327– 0, (No Fear of Destiny), History Summary Sixty-five (65) million years ago, Prince Xathan initially led a partial evacuation of five (05) dying planets soon to be destroyed by various interstellar forces in the universe, bound for a Planet named "The Promised Land" in the 3rd. orbit of a distant star, supported by Almighty God and the Celestial Virgin for being his favorite son. The circumstances varied to such an extent that the celes